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Amedisys CEO Discusses Care Innovations & the Future of Home Health on The CEO Show

Paul Kusserow, the CEO of leading home health and hospice network Amedisys, recently visited The CEO Show with Robert Reiss to discuss a variety of topics, including his company's new partnership with Intel-GE Care Innovations® and the future of home health in the United States.

In December, it was announced that Amedisys had signed a multi-year partnership to utilize the Care Innovations® Health Harmony remote care management (RCM) platform throughout its 34-state home health and hospice network. Read the Amedisys-Care Innovations news release here.

Technological Advances Key to Future of Home Health Care

In the interview, Kusserow speaks of the importance of the Care Innovations partnership, and how engaging with the latest health technologies as represented by Care Innovations is key to the success and future of home health — and the future of health care in general, in his view.

"Those technologies are really key to us," Kusserow said. "They're advancing at an extraordinarily rapid rate."

As Kusserow explains it, the growing popularity and acceptance of home health goes beyond clinical benefits — it's also a response to what patients themselves want, and a means to improve the overall state of healthcare in the U.S. by giving people "the best possible environment to want to engage with their health."

"If you go to the really basic level of what people want, they want to remain in their homes," he said. "They want to be surrounded by their loved ones; they want to learn how they can deal with whatever diseases or chronic illnesses they might have within their homes."

That goal of bringing health care into the home on a wider scale is becoming reality thanks to the kinds of technological advances represented by Care Innovations' Health Harmony RCM platform, as Kusserow explains.

Amedisys CEO on Importance of Patients, Caregivers & Business Development

Referring to Amedisys as "the company that helps people age in place," Kusserow himself is known for personally visiting patients within his company's network. He's also demonstrated skill in developing that network, engineering a remarkable turnaround in the company's fortunes during his tenure as CEO of Amedisys.

The interview is a rewarding listen for insight not only into the future of home health, but also a peak into Kusserow's business philosophy, which combines a commitment to improved care and high regard for caregivers with a drive to embrace new technology and grow as a business.

You can listen to the entire interview here (it runs 19 minutes, as per The CEO Show's standard format). We also invite you to learn more about the Care Innovations Health Harmony RCM platform here.