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Boomers Seek High-Tech Solutions

When it comes to smart marketing, savvy senior living communities understand they aren’t selling products, they are selling solutions. When a family member asks, “How can I be sure you can take care of my Mom and Dad even better than I can?” will your community be able to answer affirmatively? Increasingly, a variety of high-tech solutions are helping senior living communities answer “Yes!”

Automated medication management

With seniors taking on average six pills a day, making sure the right dosage is given to the right person at the right time is a crucial factor in the well-being, health and safety of residents in senior living facilities. Fortunately programs such as the Electronic Medical Administration Record (E-MAR) streamline medication management by automating doctor’s orders, administrative scheduling, and monitoring chores. Combined with barcode scanners that import and track data, the technology can significantly reduce errors and help ensure accurate dosage. At the same time, the technology has reduced the time in which nurses and caregivers make their “med passes” which saves money and enables them to spend more time on the floor providing care to residents.

Cognitive therapy programs

Use it or lose it. Recent research on the aging brain suggests that phrase applies to cognitive abilities as well as muscle tone. Computer-driven brain training programs promise to improve memory, increase mental acuity, and sharpen mental focus for seniors. It’s not surprising to find these cognitive fitness programs adopted in increasing numbers as senior living communities seek to provide a way for their residents to stay mentally sharp.

Monitoring provides peace of mind

Installing smart sensor solutions like Care Innovations™ QuietCare® in resident apartments can be a powerful, effective way to address family concerns about safety, fall prevention, and night wandering. Using motion sensor technology that learns the daily activity patterns of residents and sends alerts to help caregivers respond to potentially urgent situations, QuietCare® can improve peace of mind for families.


Marketing High-Tech Solutions

Once your high-tech solutions are in place, how do you market them? Rodney Stoops, Marketing Director at Providence Place Retirement Community, recommends showcasing the technology that improves the lives of residents and sets you apart from your competitors. As boomers age, and shop for senior living communities for their parents and themselves, they expect to find the same embrace of technologies that has defined their generation. Stoops believes that “Boomers are looking for more technology as they try to answer the question: “What can you do for Mom & Dad that I can’t do.”

Listen to Rodney Stoops speak about technology

To address family member concerns about safety, Stoops features QuietCare on the guided tours that Providence Place conducts for prospective residents. As Stoops explains, smart sensor technologies such as QuietCare provide continual monitoring which sends out alerts in potentially urgent situations. “We’ve gone from hourly check-ins to a standard 15 minute response time.” This is especially helpful when it comes to night motion. By alerting caregivers to night motion in a unit, QuietCare can help prevent the conditions that might lead to a fall. “Thanks to alerts from QuietCare we know when a resident gets out of bed, and can respond quickly to help them. Since installing QuietCare we’ve gone from 30 to 40 falls a month to 1 or 2,” Stoops reports.

Stoops knows what keeps family members up at night is worry. “Because QuietCare provides movement through the door tracking,” Stoops says, “we can see how much time elapses between an alert and our response time. When a family member calls and says, ‘My mom complains no one ever checks on her,’ we can look at movement through the door, and share the data that proves in fact our staff is checking in on a resident.”

High-tech means high occupancy

Stoops believes the use of high technology in senior living facilities is proof that an organization truly cares about providing quality care. QuietCare has become such an important part of the standard of care provided at Providence Place that Stoops spotlights the QuietCare technology in all their television advertising and on the “Care Levels” section of the Providence Place website. Since installing QuietCare at Providence Place two years ago, conversions are up 75%. Providence Place units at are currently at 96 to 98% occupancy, Stoops says. “We believe this technology is the reason why.”


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