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Creating a culture of recognition: Seven ways to thank your staff

The public, formal acknowledgment of the contributions your staff makes to your organization is more than an expression of thanks. By recognizing the contribution of a staff member for their exemplary performance, you foster an atmosphere of achievement within your community. The public recognition of your employees is a powerful motivational tool you can use to increase job satisfaction, raise morale and reduce turnover.

Setting up an employee recognition program doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive to be effective. Here are a few simple steps you can put in place a process to say “thank you”.

1. Involve your staff

Create an internal committee of staffers who are responsible for spotting and rewarding other staff members. Designate a leader who will be responsible. Design a ballot that can be filled out and placed in a locked suggestion box.

2. Reward early and often

Don’t wait to recognize an employee for great work. Build in a recognition program to your weekly staff meeting.

3. Motivate

Recognize an employee with an inexpensive gift or prize. A coffee gift card or movie pass is a simple and cost-effective way to say thank you. Your staff will be delighted by the gift.

4. Be unpredictable

Don’t reward the same people over and over again for doing the same things. Spread the glory and actively be on the lookout for those going above and beyond.

5. Encourage camaraderie

Reward an entire team for a job well done with a quarterly, sit down meal, off-site. Potlucks or picnics are a great way to build team spirit and recognize good work.

6. Identify weak spots

If there are areas of job performance that are weak or troubling, make an effort to reward those who work extra hard to correct those areas.

7. Go viral

Build a form on your website or in social media that allows visitors to your community to recognize a staff member for their good work. Include a field for the employee name, area of practice and a comments box.

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