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Crossing the Chasm for Digital Therapeutics (DTx) in Pharmaceuticals

Diagram dipicting digital therapeutics (DTx)

We’re seeing a shift in how care, technology, and adherence are coming together as a blended solution in the healthcare industry. Pharmaceuticals are no longer looking for a point-based product, but rather a group of services that engage patients in a way that increases adoption and adherence for medical purposes. One solution is digital therapeutics (DTx). 

“Digital therapeutics generally refers to an innovative category of medicine that gives participants access to effective behavior therapies via a software solution or an app,” explain the authors of a recent Frost & Sullivan report.1 “Examples of services include medication replacement, medication augmentation, robust interactive communications platforms, and increased opportunities to use technology to increase patient engagement.”

Today, pharma companies are fostering ever-stronger relationships with patients to help identify new ways to engage, automate and optimize dosages, thus better managing cost and improving outcomes. Not only are many of these companies ready to cross the chasm for DTx, but they are also ready to invest and drive innovations that harness new methods that drive value for the entire ecosystem.

This novel approach is ushering in ways to treat the patient more holistically by incorporating companion apps for medication adherence, along with peripherals and wearable devices. Remotely monitoring new data sets such as daily adherence, patient-reported outcomes and biomarkers will shed light on how to better treat the patient using DTx solutions. And this is possible thanks to the unprecedented availability of data collected from the home, mobile endpoints, EMRs, trials and other social determinants. 


Designing a Successful DTx Program

Driving medication adherence will be key to the successful implementation of digital therapeutics. And to do that, we must understand that each patient is unique. Each is dealing with long-term chronic conditions, behavioral health issues and life-threatening diseases like cancer. A robust and flexible DTx solution will take each patient’s journey into consideration and have a full understanding of what conditions and attributes they’re receptive to, or not. 

From there, the next step is considering what models will yield the best outcomes for each care pathway. Each engagement begins with the goals and outcomes our clients are looking for from a DTx solution. Once that’s clearly defined, we work to design a solution that incorporates the right level of services and technology to support the patient population.

Model 1: DTx Direct: This model incorporates a pure digital engagement that has inclusion/exclusion criteria encompassing medication history, DTx health schedules, form factors, clinical monitoring, and desired ePROs.

Model 2: DTx Hybrid: This model incorporates a portion of Model 1, but modifies the inclusion/exclusion criteria and puts a higher emphasis on intervention, coordination and clinic support. 


The DTx Framework by Care Innovations

Luckily, our platform is based on 11 years of experience with learning, scaling, and delivering care remotely. We’ve built a comprehensive and scalable solution that can understand and act upon each patient’s specific, unique conditions. 

Our years as a leader in remote patient monitoring have given us the expertise to virtualize care globally, securely and within the guidance of regulatory bodies around the world. Our Health Harmony digital health platform is based off a mixture of soft-services and technology that support patients, healthcare professionals and business process workflows.

diagram of health harmony business process workflowSoft-Service: We’re fully equipped to offer turnkey adherence monitoring, clinical call center triage and concierge services.

Adherence Program: We offer more than 60 care models today, with a key focus on medication management for chronic disease, behavioral health management, and cancer.

Clinical Dashboard: Event-driven based on adherence data, alerts and conditions defined for each program and population. The dashboard also supports various workflows to better coordinate care between care teams and professional users.

Clinical Data Repository: This layer manages the ingress and egress of data flows across patient-centric systems. This includes datasets for our connected ecosystem of wearables and peripherals, as well the interoperability between electronic health records (EHR) and other data lakes we connect to for secure data sharing.

DTX Foundation Layer: This provides all the business logic, industry compliance and compute scale required to support global deployments. 


Anatomy of a DTx Solution by Care Innovations 

diagram of Care Innovations DTx SolutionCare Innovations offer turnkey solutions — including flexible hybrid solutions — that are designed specifically around each client’s unique programs. We’ve leveraged our decades of collective experience to construct a system of turnkey services that lets our customers select the relevant services they need to best meet their operational and care needs. 


How to learn more about launching your DTx solution

As we continue to see early adopters cross the DTx chasm, Frost & Sullivan project that DTx will become the new standard of care by 2025.1 Care Innovations will continue to invest in our own innovation to support this model and support clients globally to help extend care to patients everywhere.

Visit our website to learn more about our digital health platform and schedule a call to learn more about what we do to support the patient journey and medication adherence with our DTx solution. 


About the author

image of Enrique EstradaEnrique Estrada is the Sr. Director of Business Development for Digital Health at Care Innovations, and has more than 25 years of broad consulting, product lifecycle and strategy experience in networking, telecommunications, and healthcare. He has worked in many transformational roles, including startups and Fortune 500 companies where he’s served as principal innovator and product owner of new and disruptive technologies and services.

Over the course of his career, Enrique has productized network management tools, partner portals, telemedicine solutions, healthcare exchanges, telehealth services and a virtual scribe service solution integrated into EMRs. He is passionate about the intersection of technology, clinical process, and healthcare delivery. He’s recently taken on a role that focuses on digital health to support customers that are interested in operationalizing decentralized clinical trials, medication adherence and patient engagement via the use of IoT devices and a cloud-based services.

1 Frost & Sullivan. "US Digital Therapeutics Growth Opportunities: Transformational Growth in New Business Models after COVID-19." KSCF-28, July 2021.