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Director of Care Innovations®​ Validation Institute Discusses Importance of Healthcare Claim Validations

 Director of Care Innovations®​ Validation Institute Discusses Importance of Healthcare Claim Validations What does it mean for a healthcare vendor to be validated by a reputable, third-party organization? Trein Schiffelbian, Managing Director of the Validation Institute, a service of Intel-GE Care Innovations®, recently discussed the process and importance of healthcare validation with Innovation Media founder Gregg Masters during WinterTech 2016 at the Health 2.0 Conference.

Schiffelbian, who runs the Validation Institute's day-to-day operations, discussed the group's efforts to "bring credibility and standardization to outcome claims in the healthcare industry."

Specifically, the organization assists companies seeking validation for claims made in marketing or contract language. The service is particularly helpful for start-up companies, which, "for instance, might come to us and have their study design validated," Schiffelbian said. "The validation really says, you believe in what you do and what you say; you've had a third party validate it."

The Validation Institute Process

The validation process is carried out with the assistance of unrelated third parties, and was created with the help of a panel of healthcare industry experts (which happens to include Health 2.0 Co-Chairman Matthew Holt).

Each company that successfully receives validation is given a seal of approval by the Validation Institute, which also then includes the company on its list of official Validated Organizations.

So, what kind of company might be eligible for validation? The process works for companies that initially have a clear idea of what aspect of their operations needs to be validated, as well as those that don't. The Validation Institute's team of consultants helps to define validation goals for the latter group, whether that turns out to be a business objective, a marketing talking point, or some similar claim.

Validation for 'the Whole Healthcare Ecosystem'

Sixteen months into its operations, and the Validation Institute has already worked with more than two dozen companies. And the list of healthcare companies that can benefit from such a validation goes far beyond that number, as Trein points out.

"Pretty much any vendor of a product or service in the healthcare space could seek validation, would have an outcome claim of some sort to have validated," he said. "We have companies that are vendors, companies that are in remote care management, companies that are in the wellness space.

"A number of insurance companies have had validations done, so it really does run the board. Again, anybody pretty much across the whole healthcare ecosystem."

We recommend listening to the full interview from Health Innovation Media for a more complete overview of the Validation Institute's goals and methodology. Or, visit the Validation Institute directly here.