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Driving CPT Reimbursement for COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to daily change our world and has left many industries scrambling to find a way to conduct business while maintaining the health and safety of their customers and staff. The healthcare industry has obviously been heavily impacted and forced to change business as usual. Waiting rooms are suddenly empty and the only patients allowed are those that are in need of emergent care. Patients need to see their providers for routine care matters and refills, however the fear of going into their provider’s office has caused some patients to go without needed medical care. Providers have been forced to find new ways to engage and treat their patients using technology as the mediator.

For the past few years, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has tried to incentivize providers to use remote patient monitoring (RPM) to manage their patient population, however the reimbursement codes were full of restrictions which in turn were a disincentive to these providers. Fortunately, over time CMS began to amend the CPT codes in order to create a system that would be more readily adopted and used by providers. These restrictions continue to lessen as our healthcare system adapts to these unprecedented times of COVID-19. We are hopeful these decreased restrictions will continue after COVID-19 for this allows for more access to care, better patient outcomes, and lightens the burden in our ERs and hospitals.

Care Innovations has always been dedicated to improving the lives of patients by providing innovative technology which permits for increased access to healthcare. The Care Innovations team quickly responded to the needs of our healthcare system as we were forced to adjust to a world with COVID-19. Providers have been forced to leave behind the traditional 4 walls of medicine and engage remotely in order to maintain patient relationships and care. RPM is certainly not a new technology but COVID-19 has undoubtedly increased the demand and need. RPM is a win-win solution for both patients and providers and allows for continuity of care in these uncertain times.

Care Innovations turnkey BYOD solution allows for providers to quickly scale for large numbers of patient in various health populations. Patients can simply download an app and begin to be monitored and engaged with their provider. Clinicians are able to view the data entered by the patient and intervene as warranted. Furthermore, our CPT billing features that are built into the platform generate a billing report that can be use for reimbursement by the provider. The ease of our platform makes it very simple for the patient and the provider to easily engage. Providers are able to scale rapidly and begin care for their patient population virtually. If there has ever  been a time to permanently make remote patient monitoring a key component of any medical practice, it is now!

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Lesley is a clinical manager and has emerged as a clinical expert in remote patient monitoring, specializing in solutions and protocol development of various patient populations.

Prior to entering the healthcare technology industry, Lesley worked as a bedside nurse in CCU/CVICU and then became the Nurse Practitioner for the Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Several years later, Lesley went to work for Care Innovations where she plays a key role in developing strategies for large payers, providers, and pharma. She is devoted to helping her customers drive critical adoption of RPM, development of unique protocols, and working on population health with the business intelligence (BI) platform at Care Innovations.

Lesley is very passionate about the importance of healthcare technology and is truly an ambassador for the RPM community. Lesley earned her MSSW from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and her Master’s in Nursing from Vanderbilt University. She is a board-certified acute care nurse practitioner and lives in Nashville, Tennessee.