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Eskaton uses Intel-GE Care Innovations™ QuietCare® to reinvent the future of aging services

Where high tech meets high touch: Eskaton uses Intel-GE Care Innovations™ QuietCare® to reinvent the future of aging services

Eskaton, a nonprofit organization serving more than 14,000 older adults in Northern California, has set a goal to “transform the aging experience.” Eskaton adopted high technology initiatives that bring wellness promotion, healthcare, and connectedness to its communities of older adults. Residents can take advantage of computer brain fitness systems, enjoy virtual museum tours, and listen to audiobooks. A central component of Eskaton’s initiative is Care Innovations™ QuietCare®.

Implemented throughout Eskaton’s Lodge communities, QuietCare® uses compact wireless motion sensors to track residents’ daily activity levels in their apartments and sends alerts when certain out-of-the-ordinary events occur. Eskaton’s ability to monitor a loved one’s well-being round the clock using QuietCare provides enormous peace of mind for families. Without invading the privacy of residents, QuietCare can detect wandering or frequent bathroom use to help pinpoint illnesses and prompt caregivers to intervene proactively. Equipped with the information QuietCare provides, Eskaton staff can prevent a treatable condition from progressing to something potentially more complicated.

Actively marketing passive monitoring
Offering this level of care has had a profound impact on Eskaton’s ability to market its services to the families of prospective residents.
According to Sheri Peifer, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Strategic Development, QuietCare provides them with a “unique marketing differentiator from other senior living providers in the area.” As a generation of tech-savvy boomers faces the responsibility of caring for their parents, Eskaton finds that new technology such as QuietCare is a potent tool in their marketing campaigns. As Peifer explains, Eskaton “utilizes technologies such as QuietCare to enhance the well-being of our residents. Through the use of technology tools that support our quality care standards, we are able to provide high-touch service, which both older adults and families appreciate when they tour an Eskaton community.”

Eskaton spotlights QuietCare prominently on their website, with links to downloadable product brochures and the Care Innovations website, where individuals can get more information. A video on their website features residents and staff speaking candidly about their experiences with QuietCare.

Better data means better care
Currently, QuietCare is deployed in three Eskaton communities. Within the year, they plan to roll out QuietCare in all their Assisted Living and Memory Care as well as Independent Living communities. Driving that adoption has been the patient data that QuietCare delivers. “QuietCare provides us with quantitative data for the family,” Peifer reports. “This becomes a great advantage to families because we are able to provide early detection of health concerns, which helps to maintain their loved one at the most appropriate and supportive level of care.”

QuietCare reports give administrators the information they need to help determine the most appropriate care levels to meet individual residents’ needs. They can use this data to explain to the family why that resident requires a higher level of care. In addition to providing residents with the care they need, QuietCare gives their families what they crave most: peace of mind. With QuietCare integrated into the planning and delivery of care, families worry less about the safety and security of their loved ones.

The QuietCare system is not an emergency response or alarm system and is not intended for providing medical care. Data from the QuietCare system should not be relied on as medical advice or clinical diagnosis.

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