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Five Ways to Embrace Innovation

Find your own path by embracing the innovation mindset.

1. Create an innovation team

Designate a core team of people within your organization to be responsible for implementing change. While Apple®* CEO Tim Cook says innovation should be everyone’s business, small teams can move fast and accomplish more. Create a dedicated war-room where your innovation team can meet. Then give them deadlines backed by a promise to operationalize their best ideas.

2. Decide what areas need improving

Begin by listening to your residents and staff. Nothing can inspire innovation and promote insight better than the fundamental research that begins by profiling your audience. By getting to know their needs and their pain points, you can begin finding and prioritizing solutions.

3. Brainstorm solutions

Tom Kelly, co-founder of design firm Ideo*, and author of The Art of Innovation, suggests beginning with structured, regular brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas. His advice: start with a sharp focus that includes a well-defined problem. Go for quantity; work toward a rapid flow of ideas. Stay flexible to come at problems from different angles. Defer judgment. Use a facilitator who can assemble the divergent ideas for later review. Most importantly: prepare. When teams prep for a problem by doing field research, Kelly reports they are able to produce more and better ideas.

4. Work together

Collaborate with competitors, partners, vendors, staff and residents to find improvements in ways of doing business. In an interview with McKnight’s Long-Term Care News*, Intel-GE Care Innovations™ CEO Louis Burns said the senior living market is evolving rapidly and providers must change business models to succeed. The next generation of elders coming in to senior living communities, Burns predicts, will be "much more demanding, much more technical, much more involved in the process." Burns believes senior living community leaders must work with providers and residents to bring new ideas to market.

5. Engage with a technology partner

Technology is transforming the way we work, play, shop and age. Seniors and their families increasingly expect senior living communities to deploy technology that improves their well-being and enhances quality of life. As Vivian Wagner reports in Senior Living News Wire*, "Seniors and their families are also looking for high-tech gadgetry in their rooms and facilities, including health sensors, monitors, and computer-based tracking of medications and care." By working with technology partners to explore high-tech innovations, senior living communities can find the most appropriate, cost-effective solutions to meet their needs and the needs of their residents.

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