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Healthcare Roundup - Disruptive Innovation, Patient Engagement and a Rapping Doctor

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The War Between Disruptive and Incremental Innovation

Can large companies innovate and be disruptive at the same time? Ronald Amodeo with the Mayo Clinic lays out the five “laws” that enable or restrict a company's’ ability to innovating from within. From dinosaur feathers to watermelon’s 4,000 year path to our kitchen table, Ron explains the inhibitors of large company innovation as an enjoyable read.

Bring Your Own Device in EMEA, It’s Not Just About Devices

Stealth-IT.png.aspxSecurity in healthcare has been a booming topic since the customer record hacks earlier this year at several healthcare providers. David Houlding provides deep insights into the dangers of 'Bring Your Own Cloud’ and how outside apps can damage your security infrastructure. He also takes a positive approach to the role of security in healthcare which should be focused on improving patient care, not hindering it with policies on device use that limit a providers ability to manage patient needs. Also worth noting is the emergence of “Stealth IT” or the technology developments that happen when an IT department is skirted or ignored usually bc the IT policies are too restrictive or cumbersome. 

82% Say Patient Engagement Improved through EHR Updating

Results from a recent Accenture survey resulted in a mixed reaction to healthcare IT. 71% of doctors reported spending less time with patients and more time with health IT. The upside of the results was reporting from 82% of doctors who said when patients updated their own electronic health record they were more likely to be engaged with their own health. A report from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) offered a way to tie the two together and create positive outcomes through the emergence of better patient communcation tools like portals, social media, and secure messaging. 

Readmission - Parody of R.Kelly’s Ignition

This video had all of us cracking up. An ER doctor moonlights as an aspiring rapper who pokes fun at patients, doctors, and insurance companies. The video description tells it all:

"This R&B parody anthem is clinically proven to lower readmission rates. But it's R. Kelly, so please don't ask for a "p" value."

Our favorite line: “Cause my 1 day prednisone taper’s probably why her colon’s now missing"