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Introducing Hospital-to-Home, Care Innovations' Digital Health Platform for COVID-19

To better meet the demands of our clients as well as healthcare delivery in general, Care Innovations is proud to announce the introduction of our Hospital-to-Home digital health system for the treatment of COVID-19.

Managing capacity and scale during an epidemic

Since January 2020, healthcare delivery systems around the world have been challenged in ways we never thought imaginable. The impact has affected everything from how patients are triaged to supply chain management of medical equipment and devices. The pressure to diagnose, treat and manage across the continuum is taxing every aspect of care today.

As we think about navigating through various waves of this pandemic, there are new strategies, best practices and predictability models we can leverage towards managing outcomes and transitions of care.

To meet this need, Care Innovations has expanded a new set of services off our Digital Health Platform that broadens our clinical protocols to help fight against COVID-19 and drives new innovative workflows to reduce the high utilization across healthcare systems.

The Hospital-to-Home Model

Discharge Strategy


Developing a strategy around patient care has become increasingly important. Care Innovations has been partnering with our customers to bring best practices in triaging and discharging during this pandemic.

By applying risk stratification to admitted patients, we are helping physicians around the country develop a discharge program that meets various criteria. It also allows patients to safely return home sooner with a Care Innovations COVID-19 kit for continuous monitoring.

The COVID-19 kit includes a pulse oximeter, digital thermometer and our newly released COVID-19 mobile application that tracks daily vitals and health status of all the patients discharged home. Various data-points collected from the kit securely sends data back to our clinical call center that is managing the entire population.

Not only does this extend care from the hospital to the home, but it also gives the patient and their immediate family a sense of security and comfort that they are still being monitored outside of a hospital setting by a care team.

Driving Predictability

hospital-to-home-digital-health-dataThe importance of flattening the curve and managing a high-risk population is met by getting ahead of an episodic event before it occurs. Care Innovations has worked toward this goal with customers that have existing patients on our remote patient monitoring (RPM) program, Health Harmony Mobile.

By running our enhanced algorithm and reporting capabilities, a provider can know within seconds the progression of vitals that appear symptomatic of COVID-19. The data aggregated is derived from the daily health sessions the patients follow to capture oxygen saturation, blood pressure and other disease-centric information.

Armed with all the correlating data-points for COVID-19, care teams can proactively coordinate care for these patients when they show up on the dashboard, as well as mitigate their risk and manage capacity and resources for their respective care facilities.

This new and creative way of driving predictability showcases the innovative workflows our customers are designing with the use of our clinical monitoring, device integrations, chatbots, and other platform services— all offered via our secure FDA, SOC2 Type 2 compliant platform.

Care Innovations COVID-19 Use-Cases

In addition to the hospital-to-home use-case described here, others are being deployed across various segments of healthcare that we're actively involved in. This includes:  


To learn more about our COVID-19 solution, please visit the Care Innovations home page, or view our application on the Azure Marketplace (use the keyword “COVID-19 Health Harmony”). 

About Enrique Estrada

enrique-estradaEnrique Estrada is the Director of Strategic Solutions Sales at Care Innovations, and has more than 25 years of broad consulting, product lifecycle and strategy experience in networking, telecommunications and healthcare. He has worked in many transformational roles, including startups and Fortune 500 companies where he’s served as principal innovator and product owner of new and disruptive technologies and services.

Over the course of his career, Enrique has productized network management tools, partner portals, telemedicine solutions, healthcare exchanges, and a virtual scribe service integrated into EMRs. He is passionate about the intersection of technology, clinical process and healthcare delivery.