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How Remote Patient Management Leverages & Improves Patient Education


Patient education is central to today’s leading healthcare delivery models. Take, for instance, the “triple aim” of healthcare, which, as outlined by Drs. Berwick, Nolan and Whittington in their seminal 2008 Health Affairs article, involves:

  1. “Improving the experience of care”
  2. “Improving the health of populations”
  3. “Reducing per capita costs of health care”

Educating patients in a way that motivates them to take a greater stake in their health has a direct impact on each of these points. It improves the care experience and general health by empowering them to take more control over their own health. And since improved health generally lowers readmissions and hospitalizations, it helps achieve the third aim, as well.

It’s no coincidence, then, that patient education is at the heart of remote patient management (RPM), the system of telehealth that works to improve health and the care experience by leveraging patients to take a greater role in their own healthcare experience.

So, how does RPM actually help improve patient education? As our telehealth experts explain in a video from Care Innovations® RPM Academy, patient education is achieved by delivering materials that actually speak to people, including:

  • A voice that speaks directly to a patient’s specific condition, in addition to his or her style of learning
  • A variety of formats, ranging from personal "welcome home" videos to articles and how-tos speaking to specific conditions

VIDEO: How RPM Enables Patient Education

How RPM Helps Deliver Patient Education

In other words, it’s important to provide patient education in a variety of formats to ensure that the program connects with each patient's individual style of learning. This also means that education should be tailored to where the patient is in his or her personal care plan.

“The type of educational material that you can provide to patients in remote patient management programs can be very vast,” explains Care Innovations Chief Clinical Officer Julie Cherry (RN, MSN) in the video.

“The key to engaging content models is providing enough variety that your patients are going to learn — whatever their style of learning — and they're going to engage — whatever their style of engagement is,” she adds.

Care Innovations CEO Randy Swanson talks about how effective RPM models accomplish this.

“As we understand the path that the patient is taking with their condition, we can add specific pieces of educational material,” he explains in the video. “So, it can be anything from nutrition to wellness to very specific items dealing with their disease state.”

“It's important for engagement that it's multimedia,” Julie adds. “For example, post-discharge program patients are going home after they've had a liver transplant and the transplant surgeon made this amazing welcome home video talking about the next course of their recovery.

“That video is the first thing the patients sees when they get home — the patient knows where this system is coming from, and who they're being connected to.”

Consumer Experience Expert Karissa Price-Rico, PhD, talks about how Care Innovations® not only offers models of patient education that achieves all this, but also customizes educational materials with the goal of meeting patients where they are on their specific journey (as well as to fit into a client’s existing care methodology).

Care Innovations has its “own programs and clinical protocols that contain educational content, and some of those are licensed from the Mayo Clinic, or the American Heart Association,” Karissa says, adding that some “clients have their own content already, they have their own clinical protocols that they want to follow and use in their programs … so it really is a collaborative effort with clients to reach their vision.”

We invite you to learn more about how remote patient management enhances patient education: Contact a Care Innovations representative for more information. And don’t forget to check out the Care Innovations RPM Academy for more videos highlighting the wide variety of benefits offered by remote patient management.

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