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Inspiring Stories of Healthcare Professionals Going #TheExtraMile

Hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers go above and beyond everyday for their patients, staff, and community. The extra effort they make, the extra steps they take, and the extra care they give adds up to a big difference to the lives of the people they touch. Let's take a look at some of those stories, and in the comments below, please share stories you've heard of as well.


Nurses Give Back to their Community Through Volunteering

Nurses across the country, including those featured here living in Lansing, donated their time and energy to their community during Nurses week. This quote from Tom Mee said it best:

"Nurses are unique, extraordinary people. They are doers and are hardwired to contribute and help people. We're certainly extremely proud of all the excellent work our nurses do on a day-to-day basis..."

Being Off Duty Doesn't Mean Off Work for this EMT

Shannon Bush was on vacation with his family at a resort when a girl was found at the bottom of the hotel pool. His quick actions saved her life and reminded everyone the importance of swimming safety. Read more about his heroic story here.

Nurses Help Dying Man Fufill His Last Wish

Nurses at an Iowa hosipital knew a dying father wished to walk his daughter down the aisle. They were determined to not let his stage four cancer beat them to fufilling his wish, so they sprang into action. Read more of the special gift these nurses gave a grateful father.

Check back often as we add stories of inspiration, and share yours below!