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Intel-GE Care Innovations™ introduces a powerful way to link up with your community

Intel-GE Care Innovations™ Link medical alert system provides a new level of security, safety, and peace of mind for seniors living independently. The system, which consists of a personal help button and a base station about the size of a home answering machine, is combined with a monthly subscription service that connects subscribers to operators trained to respond to an emergency and summon help, 24x7.

Now, thanks to an innovative co-marketing plan from Care Innovations™, assisted living communities can offer this service to seniors in their area who wish to continue living at home. For senior living communities currently providing home care services to an elderly population, Care Innovations™ Link can extend home wellness programs beyond their brick-and-mortar facilities.

Link is a service that enables seniors to age in place with confidence, knowing a 24x7 emergency response operator is a button push away. Promoting Link to seniors and their families in your region is a powerful way to market your services, reach more members of your community at large, and position your assisted living community as part of the growing “age-in-place” trend that values the independence of living at home.

The Care Innovations’ outreach plan includes professional marketing materials co-branded with your logo and contact information, ready for you to share with your target market. Older adults aging at home will appreciate this economically priced medical alert system and think of your community when the time is right for a move.

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