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Meet Michele Crook, Care Innovations QA Analyst


Welcome to our series celebrating the women of Care Innovations, where we're meeting some of the key leaders and team members working hard to drive our success. Today, we're talking to QA Analyst Michele Crook, who talks about how her unique life experience has given her a positive perspective on healthcare, balancing work and family life, and how women can advance their careers.  

Tell us about your life experience, and how it prepared you for your position at Care Innovations.

Having dedicated 18 years to the medical field, I definitely feel that my life experience has prepared me in many ways for my career at Care Innovations. I started working at the age of 15 and quickly became a workaholic, working three jobs as I finished high school and putting myself through secondary education as a veterinary technician. I eventually got a job at an endocrinology office, where I worked hard to learn all the positions in the office, including the roles of medical assistant and office manager. 

In my early 20s I had my son, who was born with medical problems and ended up having seven surgeries. Shortly afterward, my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. I had to learn how to cope with my life and work while taking care of my family. This has made me a compassionate, strong person, not willing to give up. I will always work hard and give everything I have to the ones who need it.

How do you balance work with family life?

I had to learn that work is for work and home is for family. Your kids are only young once; if you focus too much on work when you’re at home, then you'll miss them growing up. Don’t miss those moments.

What traits do you possess that make you successful in your career?

I am a hard worker. I don’t think any task is too big or too small. I have great problem-solving skills, great attention to detail and an ability to multitask, I'm also a quick learner, and feel that I'm very adaptable and ambitious. I always try to stay positive and friendly, and keep a smile on!

What advice would you give young women regarding their career?

Make yourself a valuable employee. Show your worth by being a hard worker and team player, and go above and beyond to help others. Fight for what you want and do not let anything stop you. Don’t count on anyone else to help you succeed. Don’t expect that it will be easy, and do not think things should be handed to you. If you’re not working hard to earn it, then you don’t deserve it.

What do you love about your job?

I love everything about my job. I love the people I work with and the challenge to learn new things. I love that this company is here to help patients, and that I get to be part of that journey.

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About Michele Crook

michele-crookMichele Crook, QA Analyst for Care Innovations, has spent almost two decades in the medical industry, and has leveraged personal experiences with an ambitious work history to achieve a unique career in healthcare. When she's not in the office, she loves spending time with her family, going to Disneyland and taking small road trips. She also loves humor, singing '80s songs with her son, reading, hiking and playing games, and values being able to laugh with her loved ones.