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All present and accounted for: New Intel-GE Care Innovations™ QuietCare® networking capabilities provide robust, reliable resident monitoring community-wide

Care Innovations™—a company created by Intel and GE, two industry leaders in technology and health—has rolled out a new version of its Care Innovations™ QuietCare® wireless activity monitoring system. QuietCare®—Networked, running on the robust ZigBee open standards network, is easy to install, scalable, and affordable. Designed for use in assisted living and senior communities that support hundreds of residents, it combines unobtrusive, wireless motion detecting sensors with the power of a self-healing network for improved reliability and better data gathering.


Here’s how it works

In a process that takes approximately 30 minutes per resident apartment, QuietCare wireless sensors are installed in each resident’s living quarters throughout your community. The activity data from each apartment is transmitted regularly via a wireless router to a remote QuietCare server that you can install in a facility equipment closet or other secure area. QuietCare learns the daily activity patterns of your residents and alerts your staff when out of the ordinary patterns are detected. With a locally installed pager transmitter system, many alerts can be sent to caregivers as soon as an issue is detected, enabling them to respond to potentially urgent situations.


All QuietCare—Networked requires is access to a broadband line and a single standard phone line to provide backup connectivity for the entire community. The server promptly updates your QuietCare web page with timely data. Using this information, your clinical staff and management team can analyze and review resident activity on a regular basis.


Robust networked technology for increased reliability

Designed to operate on the ZigBee wireless technology platform, a standard already deployed in rugged applications like building automation and industrial processes, QuietCare—Networked runs on a “self-healing” mesh network that promotes greater reliability and continuity of service. ZigBee technology operates free of interference in the same space as other Wi-Fi and wireless systems, so you can continue using your networked computers, printers, and smartphones without interruption. And because QuietCare doesn’t rely on a resident’s in-room phone lines, it automatically eliminates the disruptions associated with dial-in systems.


Better information means better care

With a QuietCare system installed, your staff can create a monitoring solution capable of handling a continuous stream of information for up to a thousand residents throughout your senior community. By examining this information on a daily and weekly basis, they can identify meaningful activity patterns and look for changes that occur over time. For example, a resident who once woke nightly to use the bathroom and now makes multiple trips each night may be disoriented, adversely reacting to medication, or showing the symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Equipped with this kind of information, your caregivers can respond proactively, discuss care options with the resident, and take early action to prevent more serious complications in the future.


With data transmitted in a timely manner to a web page for analysis, your staff can spot trends faster, review resident activity, and make interventions in care. Thanks to QuietCare, you can deliver a higher level of care and take action proactively, while enabling seniors to maintain their sense of privacy and independence.


The QuietCare system is not an emergency response or alarm system and is not intended for providing medical care. Data from the QuietCare system should not be relied on as medical advice or clinical diagnosis.