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Smart Sensor Infographic | Use technology for a competitive advantage

Use technology for a competitive advantage

Build a better model of resident care

Technology that supports proactive prevention may help you attract and retain more residents

Senior living communities (SLCs) are in a squeeze. Prospective residents shop around, have more chronic conditions, and demand higher levels of service. Meanwhile, communities are being held more accountable for improving their quality of care.

To succeed in this competitive environment, SLCs should focus on a 360-degree model of care that transitions them from an emergency response care model to one that also includes technology that supports proactive prevention. Smart sensor technologies, such as Intel-GE Care Innovations™ QuietCare®, can help complete your model of resident care and give your community a competitive advantage.

Learn how SLCs can use technology to attract and retain more residents—and increase revenue—by making their care model more comprehensive.

View the infographic: Senior Living Communities Must Embrace 360-Degree Care.

The Care Innovations™ QuietCare® system is not an emergency response or alarm system and is not intended for providing medical care. Data from the QuietCare® system should not be relied on as medical advice or clinical diagnosis.