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Telehealth Infographic: The Power of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)


Telehealth has the power to effect widespread improvements throughout America’s healthcare delivery system, and even to achieve the “Triple Aim” (i.e., improving health and the care experience while reducing costs). It does this by offering powerful advantages to every member in the care continuum, including:

  • Patients, who enjoy the convenience of care at home, along with tools and devices that promote greater engagement
  • Doctors and clinicians, who are empowered to manage more patients more efficiently
  • Facilities and administrators, who experience greater efficiencies thanks to improved patient-clinician relationships and improved clinical workflows
  • Payors and leaders, who can cut costs by reducing the need for rehospitalizations and readmissions

Yet some organizations may still be intimidated at the prospect of implementing a system so revolutionary in its nature. After all, many health systems are still struggling with the decades-old rules of electronic medical records (EMR).

What, then, is the best approach to unlocking the power of telehealth for these facilities?

Telehealth Infographic: How PaaS and IaaS Bring It All Together

For healthcare organizations looking to improve their care capabilities (and cost structures) with telehealth but don’t have the infrastructure or manpower to implement the technology, the answer may be Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions.

PaaS models give healthcare organizations the power to implement a complete, customizable telehealth solution that’s managed with their direct input and insight. These are out-of-the-box telehealth solutions that are fast, smart and secure, offering:

  • An accelerated time to market
  • Full integrations with your existing EMRs, devices, and IT systems within a single platform
  • Access to consumer devices that have been shown to improve patient engagement
  • Access to a complete IT team, as needed
  • Full operational support
  • The option to add custom applications that fit your already-established platform
  • Full compliance with HIPAA, SOC 2, and other industry regulations

With a PaaS telehealth solution, healthcare leaders no longer need to worry about gaps in the continuum. They also get the benefit of full support at every stage, from data collection and analysis to patient communications, from reporting to security and compliance.

A new telehealth infographic from Care Innovations® puts the potential of PaaS on display in clear and powerful terms, offering a bird’s eye view of the more than 7 billion data points that will be at your disposal — and how they all fit together. (You can download your complimentary copy here.)

Interested in learning more about how a PaaS telehealth solution can help take your organization’s health delivery capabilities to the next level? We invite you to contact us via the form on this page to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Care Innovations telehealth specialist.