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Vetting a Vendor for Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) Services for Medicare Patients

Making the decision to add a remote patient monitoring model to your practice can be an easy decision, given the demand for virtual care and the many benefits it offers. However, selecting the right vendor can be a bit more complicated.

When choosing an RPM vendor, it’s important to find one that you feel is truly a partner focused not only on the best interest of your practice but your patients as well. Selecting the right vendor partner can literally make or break the success of your program.

At Care Innovations, we understand the importance of these decisions. Over the many years that we’ve providing leading RPM services, we’ve also made it a point to consistently build strong partnerships with our customers.

We also understand that incorporating a Medicare-reimbursable RPM program within your practice can seem like an overwhelming task. That’s why we’re prepared to offer a complete turnkey program, in which we take on the complicated work of logistics and implementation, leaving you with the most important task: taking care of your patients.

Our many years of experience in this highly specialized area have given us a unique level of insight and expertise in identifying what values to look for in an RPM vendor. Before beginning your partnership — especially when integrating a remote monitoring program within your medical practice — we recommend taking a closer look at these five important factors.

5 Key Components to Look for in an RPM Vendor

#1: Experience. COVID-19 has propelled the need for remote patient monitoring, as well as the number of businesses offering an RPM solution. During the height of the pandemic, it seemed as if a new business was on the scene every other week offering RPM programs that allow for CMS reimbursements. However, the RPM business, as well as CPT code reimbursement, is very complex; success requires both experience and insider expertise. Thus, it is imperative to partner with a company that has a strong lineage within this industry, as well as proven results with a vast array of customers.

#2: A diverse customer base. Not every industry has the same RPM needs, hence it is important to partner with a vendor that is able to meet the specific needs of your company and patient population. The versatility of the Care Innovations platform supports more than 50 clinical programs, all operating from one single platform. Our customer base ranges from individual medical practices, large medical practices, pharma, CROs, hospitals, academic institutions, and government entities, just to name a few.

#3: The technology needed to meet CPT criteria, and reporting capabilities. As with any CMS reimbursement, there are guiding principles that demand a specific type of platform to meet all regulatory requirements. Care Innovations’ platform is designed with key features that capture this needed information, such as clinical time to generate reports to submit to CMS for reimbursement. Our technologies allow for multiple reports that are securely delivered to your company every month, which you can in turn submit for reimbursement — it is that easy!

#4: Logistical capability. Logistics has often been one of the biggest barriers to physician practices incorporating an RPM program — they simply do not have the time nor the staff for these endeavors. At Care Innovations, we recognize the need for a turnkey program, and we’re prepared to provide full logistical support to you and your patients to eliminate this barrier to adoption. In addition, our turnkey program has features designed to make billing for reimbursements very manageable for your staff.

#5: Ongoing support. Care Innovations truly values every one of our partner relationships; therefore, our ongoing support never stops. We want to help each of our partners achieve success, and to help them deliver the highest level of care for their patients. To that end, we continually work with our clients to help them grow their programs in ways that make sense for their unique patient populations. Any kind of change, no matter how beneficial or necessary, can be challenging, and we never want our partners to feel alone during this important process. We will be there offering support every step of the way!

If you're interested in learning more about how Care Innovations can help your facility choose the RPM platform that’s best for your facility and your patients, we’re standing by to help! You can contact us here, or call us at 855-885-CARE (2273)

by Lesley J. Mathis, RN, MSSW, MSN, ACNP-BC


Lesley has been with Care Innovations for 5 years and has emerged as a clinical expert in remote patient monitoring, CPT coding with RPM, and specializing in solutions and protocol development of various patient populations.

Prior to entering the healthcare technology industry, Lesley worked as a bedside nurse in CCU/CVICU and then became the Nurse Practitioner for the Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Several years later, Lesley went to work for Care Innovations where she plays a key role in developing strategies for large payers, providers, and pharma. She is devoted to helping her customers drive critical adoption of RPM, development of unique protocols, and working on population health with the business intelligence (BI) platform at Care Innovations.

Lesley is very passionate about the importance of healthcare technology and is truly an ambassador for the RPM community. Lesley earned her MSSW from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and her Master’s in Nursing from Vanderbilt University. She is a board-certified acute care nurse practitioner and lives in Nashville, Tennessee.