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Why RPM Isn’t Just about Technology


When it comes to remote patient management (RPM), the conversation tends to focus on the technology underlying the service.

And this is understandable: From data gathering tools that let clinicians access and assess patient data, to touchscreen interfaces that empower patients to engage with their own health and metrics — and, of course, the videoconferencing technology that connects them all — RPM is built on a foundation of technological innovation.

At the same time, though, that’s just one very important element in a much bigger picture. A successful RPM program is never just about technology. And this has never been more apparent than in recent years, as companies like Care Innovations® strive to offer groundbreaking innovations relating not just to technology but also to the services that make RPM work.

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“Ultimately, [RPM] programs are successful because the right personal interactions are set up through the right processes that are put in place, and then that program is supported by some spectacular technology," as Care Innovations® COO Marcus Grindstaff succinctly puts it in a recent video from Care Innovations’ RPM Academy.

VIDEO: Is RPM Just about Technology?

Why RPM Is More Than Just Technology

Indeed, effective remote patient management doesn’t focus on the technology itself, but rather on the utilization of that technology based on the needs of the patient population, with the goal of inspiring lasting behavior change through the use of that technology.

RPM is ultimately about “the model of care and what you're doing to deliver care differently,” Care Innovations Chief Clinical Officer Julie Cherry (RN, MSN) explains in the video. “The technology choices are based on who the population is, what kind of technologies are feasible for that population,” making RPM technology simply “a tool in the toolbox,”

“So, yes, remote patient management is certainly about using technology, but it's really much more about the people,” says Karissa Price-Rico, Care Innovations’ former Chief Marketing Officer, “and meeting people where they are, and designing the workflows and the services to go around that technology to provide for a successful program.”

To this end, it’s essential for RPM program providers to work with clients to properly understand the challenges facing not just the patient population but also the clinicians and caregivers who are directly involved in that care — and to scale the RPM program accordingly.

“When we think about it, we think about the patient's point of view, the clinician’s point of view, and the caregiver’s point of view,” as Care Innovations CEO Randy Swanson explains the Health Harmony model of RPM. “And technology really serves as that bridge to connect all three of them, to lead to the best possible outcome … starting with an overall program design."

So, while premium technology is indisputably important to the success of any given RPM program, it’s just one piece of the puzzle — a puzzle that also includes services surrounding the technology, namely:

  • Program Design: A careful understanding of logistics and workflows
  • Patient Consideration: Effective patient enrollment and engagement
  • Data Gathering: Superior clinical monitoring that pinpoints relevant, actionable data

RPM technology’s role is to support these elements; the workflows and people involved — patients, clinicians, administrators — are the real priority. And innovating truly effective solutions for all these elements, while offering premium technology based on decades of real-world innovation, is yet another reason why Care Innovations continues to lead the pack in remote patient management innovations and effectiveness.

We invite you to learn more about the benefits of remote patient monitoring and the many other advantages of RPM technology at the Care Innovations RPM Academy, a series of exclusive, informative, bite-size videos designed to shed light on these increasingly important concepts. You may also contact a Care Innovations representative for further information.

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