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Fear of Failure Stymies Innovation: Having the Courage to Reimagine Healthcare

The need to innovate in healthcare is well known: Many federal organizations, private companies and hospitals and health systems are encouraging innovation in different ways. Through the State Innovation Model, HHS recently awarded nearly $300 million to states to spur innovation. In January, Guidon Performance Solutions and the Institute for the Future launched an online gaming event designed to foster healthcare innovation. More recently, Stanford (Calif.) School of Medicine hosted the StartX Med/Stanford Hospital Innovation Challenge, a 50–hour weekend event in which healthcare entrepreneurs presented and pursued projects.

Slow or nonexistent change

Despite these efforts, the healthcare industry is still slow to change in several areas. Louis Burns, CEO at Intel-GE Care Innovations, says from a technology point of view healthcare is making significant innovations, such as using telemedicine to connect patients and providers across the country. Read the entire article now.

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