Population Health Insights

Healthcare Unbound, July 19-20, San Francisco, CA

Louis Burns, CEO, Intel-GE Care Innovations™, takes the stage at Healthcare Unbound on July 19 at 11:00am to discuss The Convergence of Care Management and Life Management: How Shifting Mindsets and Harnessing Technology will Lead to Success.

In his talk, Louis will address how the healthcare landscape is changing and how we must adapt in order to thrive. The needs of patients and their families are about increasingly more than just healthcare: payers and providers are becoming accountable for physical safety, social connectedness, and cognition as well. Yet as long as members of the care team are siloed and blocked from having complex interactions with one another, success will be elusive. This session will explore what is needed for a radical breakthrough in technology and wellness convergence, and how we can start shifting mindsets to prepare for the future.

You can also visit Care Innovations™ on the exhibit floor in the Sakura Ballroom at Booth #2.