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T-5 Countdown to World Health Day – Becky Davis

BECKY DAVIS, DIRECTOR OF MARKETING – Recent themes for World Health Day have been antimicrobial resistance, urbanization and health, and hospital safety. In your opinion, what makes "aging and health" such an important topic for World Health Day 2012?

Aging and health are critical elements of the human condition – we all share this dynamic and are mutually interested in having an aging experience that reflects who we are, how we want to live our lives, and our inner values. The coming age wave will have a significant impact on each of us at every level – as individuals, as companies, as nations, and as a global community. Collaborating now on the future we want to create for the aging experience is an essential and fundamental topic.

Why did you decide to work in this field? What does helping older adults mean to you personally?

It's important to work in a field that you care about, that feels significant to you and is a worthy cause for the investment of your time, energy and talent. Delivering products, services, and solutions that will help people age gracefully, connected to their families and care providers, and secure in their future prospects is a compelling and motivating mission. My grandparents are both 93 and live independently. They inspire me to create solutions that will help them continue to live independently, but with better connection to their doctors and family, safely and securely, and on their own terms.

Since Care Innovations was formed, what's the one thing you’re most proud of accomplishing in the area of "aging and health"?

GE and Intel have created Care Innovations as an important voice in the field of aging and health, to advocate for a better future in this field and deliver products and services that have positive and lasting impact. Seeing the impact of Care Innovations' products on the people who use them every day is an amazing experience – to know that our vision of having an impact on peoples' lives is delivered every time someone uses one of our products. I'm very proud of that.

If you could make a single ask of the 193 countries that make up the membership of the World Health Organization, what would it be? What should they do to demonstrate their commitment to "aging and health"?

This is a challenging problem to solve. It seems there is universal agreement that care must be provided in different, lower-cost settings, that people who are connected and collaborating with their care actually respond better, and the ability to age-in-place is a grand goal we all want – for ourselves, our parents, and grandparents. To have a strong foundation of agreement, but little substantial change in terms of care models, workflows, funding, and business models, leaves me thinking we can do much, much more. Let's work together to identify the barriers to this transformation, and make substantial commitments to resolving those barriers. Together, we can create the future we all want.