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100 Diabetic Patients, ZERO Hospitalizations

A savings of $339,184: Lessons from the Mississippi Diabetes Telehealth Network.

An astounding amount of data has appeared in recent years supporting the claim that telehealth truly is the future of patient care in America - i.e., a means to improve care, cut costs and maximize operational efficiency, all at once.

The most compelling of this data may be the initial results from the UMMC’s Mississippi Diabetes Telehealth Network. Initiated in 2014, the network is based on Care Innovations® Health Harmony remote patient management (RPM) platform.

After just one year of implementation, initial results among the 100 patients enrolled in the program include:

  • ZERO hospitalizations and ER visits for patients
  • 1.7% percent average A1C reduction
  • $339,184 total cost savings

No hospitalizations; a monthly cost savings of more than $28,000 for just 100 patients; and a total projected statewide savings of $180 million (assuming 20 percent of the diabetic population as program participants). It’s hard to disregard numbers like that.

Health spending is surging. The system is straining under the pressure of millions of newly insured Americans. And telehealth is shining a beacon of light on the power of today’s highly evolved personal technology to engage patients in their own health in ways that achieve better outcomes and reduced costs of care.

Download this insight to learn how one of our clients, UMMC, solved their rural diabetes population challenges thanks to new legislation and Care Innovations’ solutions.