Population Health Insights

White Paper: The Value Proposition of Home Monitoring Technologies in Health Care

In recent years, home monitoring technologies like remote patient management (RPM) have emerged as a powerful solution to help offset a series of issues plaguing the healthcare industry, such as:

  • Rapidly escalating costs of care
  • Lack of access to care services in rural and underserved parts of the U.S.
  • An increasing number of elderly Americans in need of care

Offering improvements in early detection, timely intervention, patient engagement, and improved health outcomes, home monitoring technology has been shown to be increasingly effective in addressing these concerns. However, it’s also still perceived to be cost prohibitive (or simply out of scope) by some organizations.

In this white paper, our experts debunk this misconception, demonstrating the true value proposition inherent in this revolutionary method of leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver more effective healthcare.

Home monitoring technology “has the potential to engage patients in their own care, and offer health care providers information about patients’ daily activity patterns, which can enable early detection of health transitions, and the prevention of significant health exacerbations, at a relatively low cost,” as the authors note.