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Care Innovations™ and Affinnova Team Up to Launch First Healthcare Application Designed by Consumer-Powered Evolutionary Algorithms

ROSEVILLE, California, October 8, 2014 – Intel-GE Care Innovations™ today announced that it is using Affinnova’s optimization technology to help design its new Health Harmony platform, making it the first healthcare application designed by evolutionary algorithms. Evolutionary algorithms are used to analyze and predict consumer preferences from a large space of message and design options.

The Health Harmony platform, expected for release in late 2014, connects patients, their families and physicians through a series of portals where they can share health data, educational information and best practices. Often, much of the care post-discharge occurs within the home and is facilitated by a family caregiver. Health Harmony aims to help improve the patient’s health while also simplifying the life of a family caregiver. To identify the optimal design and user experience, Care Innovations applied Affinnova’s technology to test more than 1,164,240 million website design alternatives, experimenting with different content and visual components. Through an online survey, consumers selected their preferred designs from among the many different options, while a sophisticated algorithm learned from consumer choices to evolve the best design. Affinnova’s technology is used by leading companies such as Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Pfizer and Bank of America to optimize new product ideas, designs and advertising messaging.

“Most healthcare technology is developed by engineers and coders who don’t get the benefit of acting upon real consumer insights and preferences,” says Karissa Price, Chief Marketing Officer for Intel-GE Care Innovations. “With the Harmony Health platform, we wanted to collect more data and use the best analytics and insights to optimize an experience consumers would be excited to try and use regularly. By allowing us to test a much wider space of design ideas Affinnova’s technology has helped identify a much more engaging solution, faster and more cost effectively than other research options.”

“Design is fundamental to the adoption of any new technology application, but it’s almost impossible to accurately predict all of the content and design elements that will resonate with consumers,” says Waleed Al-Atraqchi, President and CEO of Affinnova. “By empowering consumers – not internal committees – to guide critical design decisions, Intel-GE Care Innovations is pioneering a new patient-centered approach to developing healthcare applications.”

Through the Health Harmony platform, patient consumers will be able to receive interactive, evidence-based educational content and securely send vital signs and other health measurements to physicians from the comfort of their homes. Family caregivers can monitor the health status of their loved ones, better communicate with physicians and access valuable stress-relief and nutritional advice to manage the daily challenges of caregiving. For physicians and nurses, Health Harmony aggregates and analyzes the myriad of data available from patients and their families at home and turns it into actionable insights that can help them provide better care.

About Intel-GE Care Innovations™

Intel-GE Care Innovations, a joint venture between Intel Corporation and GE Healthcare, connects the right technology, workflow, data, and people to improve care delivery and population engagement for better health. Leveraging a deep understanding of behavior change and a legacy of innovation, Care Innovations develops technology and provides in-depth services for healthcare, senior living, employers, and other organizations that need to affect people at home and in the normal course of their daily lives: translating financial risk to value. Care Innovations’ third-generation remote care management solutions aggregate data from a wide array of sensors and patient data sources to deliver insights for timely intervention and superior patient engagement with patients outside the formal care setting. Visit www.careinnovations.com to learn more.

About Affinnova

Affinnova is a global marketing technology company that dramatically improves innovation and marketing success rates. Powered by Affinnova’s optimization algorithms and predictive analytics and insights, marketers can explore a substantially wider creative space of product, advertising and design ideas, quickly identifying which will perform best in the market. Led by the strength of its technology platform, Affinnova has gained significant momentum across both large and mid-sized enterprises, including Global Fortune 500 companies Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Pfizer and Bank of America. For more, visit www.affinnova.com.


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