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Intel-GE Care Innovations™ Hackfest Aims to Redefine the Care Team

Stanford Center on Longevity will Co-Host Annual Event

ROSEVILLE, Calif., September 9, 2015 – Intel-GE Care Innovations™, a pioneer in connecting the care continuum to the home, in partnership with the Stanford Center on Longevity, will host its second annual hackathon. The CI Hackfest: Redefining the Care Team is aimed at inspiring a reconfigured care delivery process bringing care to the home and uniting patients, family caregivers and professional caregivers with the traditional, clinical care team.

The event will be hosted on Stanford University’s campus September 18-20 and will feature keynote addresses by Paul Kusserow, healthcare industry veteran and CEO of Amedisys, and Dr. Lynne McCullough, medical director at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Emergency Department. The application for participation in the CI Hackfest: Redefining the Care Team is now open and can be found at http://cihackfest.com/.

“The current healthcare delivery system is still fragmented. We need a collaborative model that brings care to the home and family, where life happens,” said Sean Slovenski, Chief Executive Officer at Intel-GE Care Innovations. “Partnering with an innovative group like the Stanford Center on Longevity, I am confident the CI Hackfest will bring together incredibly bright minds who are as passionate as Care Innovations in making healthcare work better for everyone. Unifying the care team will benefit providers, health plans, employers, caregivers and those who are receiving care.”

Traditionally a care team has been defined as the doctors and nurses that provide medical care to patients in an acute setting – a hospital or physicians office. Family members, professional caregivers, and many other people who provide important care and services to seniors or people with chronic conditions are not effectively included in the care team today. The CI Hackfest: Redefining the Care Team aims to change the status quo. The event will bring together clinicians and care providers, health plan leaders, family and professional caregivers, patients, designers, engineers, students and faculty to explore the meaning and definition of a care team. Teams will develop solutions to better connect the care continuum outside the walls of the traditional setting in ways that make it easier for everyone involved to contribute to an improved care delivery model and consistently better outcomes.

The ideas generated at the CI Hackfest will serve as building blocks to help the Stanford Center on Longevity and Intel-GE Care Innovations improve coordination among the new care team and ensure the full picture of a patient’s health is being captured and recorded no matter where care is taking place.

About Intel-GE Care Innovations™

Intel-GE Care Innovations, a joint venture between Intel Corporation and GE Healthcare, connects the care continuum to the home and makes it easier for patients, family caregivers, and professional caregivers to interact and achieve better health at home.

Experts in technology and behavior change, Care Innovations identifies the best methods for health care providers and health plans to capture and integrate real-time data from the home into care delivery. The company’s fourth-generation remote care management solution, Health Harmony, delivers insights for timely intervention and superior patient engagement with patients outside the formal care setting. Health Harmony is built with a smart filter and predictive analytics platform that sorts the complex array of aggregated data captured from a wide array of sensors and sources present in the daily lives of consumers. Visit www.careinnovations.com to learn more.