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Intel-GE Care Innovations™ and Al Lewis Launch CI Validation Institute for Remote Care and Population Management Health Sectors

ROSEVILLE, Calif., June 25, 2014 -- Intel-GE Care Innovations™ today announced the launch of the CI Validation Institute, a collaboration with disease management and research expert, Alfred (Al) Lewis. The goal of the Institute is to improve standards for measuring and promoting the benefits of remote care management solutions and services focused on improving health outcomes for various populations. Through this effort, Care Innovations and Al Lewis want to give organizations involved in population health efforts – from health plans to health care providers to employers – an easy way to ensure their vendors and consultants adhere to the highest standards of validity, and compete for their business on the basis of integrity and performance. This focus on integrity and performance should increase both the credibility and acceptance of population health programs in general, including remote care monitoring, coordinated care, and other components.

"Our vision is that the CI Validation Institute will raise the bar on the efforts made to demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of remote care management solutions," said Sean Slovenski, chief executive officer at Intel-GE Care Innovations. "By remaining objective and transparent, I believe we can provide industry players with sound information that allows them to evaluate their options with confidence and thereby make the best business decisions possible."

Al Lewis, founder and president of the Disease Management Purchasing Consortium, will design and lead the CI Institute's outcome measurement efforts. "Ultimately, by improving the consistency and standards by which remote care management programs are measured, the CI Validation Institute can help everyone involved identify and implement programs that deliver results," said Lewis.

About Intel-GE Care Innovations™
Intel-GE Care Innovations, a joint venture between Intel Corporation and GE Healthcare, connects the care continuum to the home and makes it easier for patients, family caregivers, and professional caregivers to interact and achieve better health at home.

Experts in technology and behavior change, Care Innovations identifies the best methods for health care providers and health plans to capture and integrate real-time data from the home into care delivery. The company’s third-generation remote care management solution, Connect RCM, delivers insights for timely intervention and superior patient engagement with patients outside the formal care setting. The Connect RCM application is built with a smart filter and predictive analytics platform that sorts the complex array of aggregated data captured from a wide array of sensors and sources present in the daily lives of consumers. Visit www.careinnovations.com to learn more.

About Al Lewis
Alfred (Al) Lewis is the founder and president of the Disease Management Purchasing Consortium (DMPC), and founder and 1st president of the Disease Management Association of America (now the Care Continuum Alliance). Identified as "the national leader in analyzing care management outcomes reports" by the 9th Annual Report on Disease Management and Wellness Industries, Al has made it his life’s mission to bring transparency and validity to the healthcare industry.

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