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Cigna Helps Patients Stay Heart Healthy At Home with Remote Patient Management

Think Seniors Don’t Engage with Telehealth?

We would like you to meet Paulette Cole, a retired nurse whose engagement with telehealth enables her to live a more comfortable life. Thanks to a partnership between Cigna® and Care Innovations®, she can interact with clinicians electronically and instantly, reducing the inconvenience and high cost of frequent hospital visits.

Focus on patient engagement, and system-wide improvements will follow: That’s the underlying basis of Care Innovations' remote patient management platform, which leverages personal technology to engage patients to take a more active, hands-on interest in their own health.

Using devices resembling the tablets and smartphones so prevalent today, our RPM platform delivers easy-to-use technology that’s familiar to patients of all ages. This isn’t cold, sterile technology; it’s a comfortable, interactive experience.

As important as patient comfort is, a reduction in hospital visits offers benefits that extend far beyond that, including:

  • Cutting costs associated with readmissions and ER visits dramatically;
  • Reducing burnout and fatigue among healthcare staff;
  • Enabling clinicians to spend more time caring, and less time managing;
  • Engaging patients with easy-to-use technology that doesn’t sacrifice bedside manner — in fact, telehealth programs allow patients to connect with clinicians more frequently and meaningfully, strengthening the patient/physician bond.

And, just as many seniors have embraced tablets and smartphones as enthusiastically as younger generations, so too has telehealth shown itself to be popular across all age groups. Assumptions that seniors can’t or won’t engage with telehealth technology are obsolete. As Ms. Cole’s story shows, telehealth programs like those offered by Cigna and Care Innovations are showing just the opposite to be true.

See for yourself: Please take a moment to view this exclusive video explaining how telehealth has enabled Ms. Cole to take control of her health - which she wholeheartedly recommends to other seniors with chronic conditions struggling to maintain a happy, independent life.

Watch this video and others on the Care Innovations YouTube channel.